NasalGuard licenses the patented Airborne Particle Blocker formula from Trutek Corp., which has been a leader in particle-blocking electrostatic technology since 1995. NasalGuard technology has been used in various products all over the world - over 12 million tubes have been sold with no reports of adverse effects, and plenty of devoted fans who rave about the convenient application and reduction in symptoms related to breathing in harmful particles.

NasalGuard was originally developed with the intention of finding a simple, drug-free solution for preventing airborne allergens like pollen, pet dander and dust mites, from entering the nasal passages. Over the past two decades, Trutek has refined the formulation to say with confidence that the invisible barrier created by the gel blocks a wider range of airborne particles - including industrial pollution particles and virus-sized particles that cause cold and flu.

We want to help people take charge of their health. We're excited to share the Airborne Particle Blocker technology more widely, so that together we can prevent airborne particles from entering your system - before they have a chance to cause any harm.

NasalGuard is based in Somerville, New Jersey, and the Airborne Particle Blocker gel is manufactured not too far down the road in Englewood.